French Touch


French Touch is a hair and fashion collection inspired by French elegance. It was created for women with a lot of personality and attitude and this hairstyle makes her hair an indispensable complement to her lifestyle.


The influence of the ‘70s as shown in this woman’s hairstyle: strong, sharp lines and defined fringe as well as highlighting the softness in textures.

Deep colors, such as shades of brown, mahogany and violet, which remind us of velvet.


A woman with attitude, self-confident, serene and delicate in her movements.

Hair is an expression of her personality, with floating curls that frame her face and cool colors such as shades of copper, silver and green that enhance her style.


A decadent natural woman with her very own style.

Short hair with “garconne” style. It is a layered cut with warm and cool colors; gold, beige and black combined to perfection, creating a unique and personal style.


Defined style with long hair and a casual look; relaxed hair that expresses extreme color, extolling cool and metallic colors, such as cool shades of blue and pink

Her personality is expressed in each of the elements that she shows.